Okay, we’re open for questions–send them to me at Aut[email protected], and I’ll answer them here on this page!
Q. How many books are are there in the Winterhaven series?
Q. Will you write any related/spin-off series?
A. Actually, I’m not sure yet. I’ve thought about writing a series set at Summerhaven, Winterhaven’s sister school in California. But for now…I guess it’s a maybe.
Q. Do you have any bookmarks, and if so, how can I get one?
A. Yes, I have some really cool bookmarks and I’d be happy to send you a signed one (or even a stack of them–just let me know!). Just mail a SASE (self-addressed stamped envelope) to:
Kristi Cook, c/o Enterprise Press, 1 West Forest Ave., Englewood, NJ 07631
Q. You talk about music a lot on Twitter. Who are your favorite bands/musicians?
A. Maroon 5, Green Day, and Mumford & Sons are my favorite three, but I listen to a lot of different kinds of music. For a sample, check out the playlists on the blog page! Some new favorites are Gotye, Foster the People, One Direction, Robin Thicke, Imagine Dragons, Macklemore…the list goes on and on, and changes daily!
Q. Are you the same author as Kristie Cook, who wrote the novels PROMISE and PURPOSE?
A. No–we are two totally different people! I am, however, the same author as Kristina Cook and Kristi Astor. Under those names, I’ve written nearly a dozen novels/novellas for adults–mostly historical romance, but also an officially licensed NASCAR romance (seriously!).